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Exotic Pantry Club

Part Number Exotic Pantry Club
Exotic Pantry Club


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  • Let Your Adventure Begin!
  • Three  Different Selections of 100% Gourmet & Hard to Find Pantry Items each month.
  • Gourmet Condiments, Mustards, Horsradish, Ketchups, Siracca sauces, Gourmet Pickles,
  • Tikka Masala, Nut Butters, Japanese Ponzu, Balsamic Glazes and so much more!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • Delivered in Specialty Gift Boxes!
  • Personal Gift Messages on Custom Stationary Included!
  • FREE SHIPPING Every Month!
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One Time Payment

1 Month - $46.95 [$46.95]
3 Months - $45.95/mo [$137.85]
6 Months - $44.95/mo [$269.70]
12 Months - $43.95/mo [$527.40]

Monthly Payments

3 Months - Per Month [$45.95]
6 Months - Per Month [$44.95]
12 Months - Per Month [$43.95]

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Does your pantry need a boost?

Enhance your next dish with the perfect application of a gourmet sauce or a condiment. Go beyond the ordinary ketchup and jazz up your next dish with a tantalizing hot sauce, savory mustard or elegant mayonnaise. Whether for dipping, inclusion in a sandwich or as a meal topper, sauces and condiments provide the finishing touch to most any appetizer, entree or side dish. Venture beyond the familiar pasta sauce and mustard and open up adventures in taste with just a dab, squeeze or dollop of something exciting. Time to try different items to spice up your life. You will receive 3 items a month. Some items you can look forward to are-

  • Exotic oils – Truffle, Grapeseed, Hazelnut, Peanut, Walnut
  • Sauces – Curries, Seafood, Fish, Oyster, Springroll Chili 
  • Extracts – Bourbon Vanilla, Almond
  • Herbs & Spices – A full range, from the everyday like oregano to the more exotic like fenugreek
  • Mustards – Creole, Balsamic, Maple, Dijon both imported and local
  • Peppers – Chile, Chipotle, Paquillo, Aji Amarillo, Guajillo, Pasilla Salts 
  • Dried Porcinis, Forest Mix, Truffle Peels plus a selection of in-season wild fresh mushrooms 
  • Jams and Jellies – Mango Chutney, Lingonberry Jam, Apricot Jam 
  • Canned Seafood – Escargot, Anchovies, Clams, Herring in Wine Sauce, Smoked Oysters 
  • Canned Vegetables – Water Chestnuts, Mini Whole Pears, White Asparagus, Artichoke Hearts, Baby Corn, Hearts of Palm
  • Crackers – Pumpernickel, Gluten-Free, Sesame, Cracked Pepper 

Do you send a wide variety of Pantry items?

Yes, every month you will receive new selections of gourmet pantry items  that are selected to meet our quality and taste standards. There are no repeats within a twelve-month period.

How large is each monthly selection?

Our Exotic Pantry of the Month Club consists of three different selections of pantry items each month.

How is the Exotic Pantry Club packaged?

Our Exotic Pantry of the Month Club is delivered in special packaging that ensures your gift to be delivered fresh and safe. Each gift is beautifully wrapped and boxed in our unique, custom designed boxes to enhance the gift giving experience.

When do you ship the Exotic Pantry of the Month Club?

All Monthly Gift Clubs arrive at the end of the month, unless you choose the ship at once option.

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