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Coffee & Biscotti Club

Part Number Coffee & Biscotti Club
Coffee & Biscotti Club


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  • Two Different 12 oz. Premium Hand Roasted Coffee
  • One Package of Delicious Gourmet Biscotti !
  • You can choose Regular or Decaffeinated Coffee!  
  • Some Varieties Include:Coffee- Colombian Roasts, Brazilian Roasts, Arabica Roast,
  • Biscotti- Lemon Almond ,Pistachio,Chocolate,Marzipan & Many More!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • Delivered in Specialty Gift Boxes!
  • Personal Gift Messages on Custom Stationary Included!   
  • FREE SHIPPING Every Month!
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One Time Payment

1 Month - $37.95 [$37.95]
3 Months - $36.95/mo [$110.85]
6 Months - $35.95/mo [$215.70]
12 Months - $34.95/mo [$419.40]

Monthly Payments

3 Months - Per Month [$36.95]
6 Months - Per Month [$35.95]
12 Months - Per Month [$34.95]

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 The Coffee & Biscotti of the Month Club is the perfect gift for every coffee lover who likes that little sweet cookie with their java. Each month, Stardust Gift Clubs sends premium roasted coffees and gourmet Biscotti that are beautifully packaged for an exquisite gift giving experience. We select the highest grade coffee beans that are exquisite, smooth and what every coffee should be. Some varieties include Colombian Roasts, Brazilian Roasts, Arabica Roasts , Lemon Almond,Pistachio,Chocolate, Marzipan Biscotti & Many More. Our Coffee and Biscotti of the Month Club will be the morning coffee and Biscotti you absolutely crave!

Do you send a wide variety of coffees & Biscotti ? 

Yes, every month you will receive new selections of gourmet coffees and Biscotti that are selected to meet our quality and taste standards. There are no repeats within a twelve-month period. 

How large is each monthly selection? 

Our Coffee & Biscotti of the Month Club consists of two different 12oz selections of coffee & one package of gourmet Biscotti (24oz. of Coffee and 1 Package of Biscotti Total Every Month)


How is the Coffee & Biscotti Club packaged? 

Our Coffee & Biscotti of the Month is delivered in a special packaging that ensures your gift to be delivered fresh and safe. Each gift is beautifully wrapped and boxed in our unique, custom designed boxes to enhance the gift giving experience.

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